CHAOS took over the area on the weekend as visitors parked illegally, with one resident even having to tell a driver not to urinate in her driveway.

More than 800 parking tickets were issued across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole following an influx of visitors.

Road closures were implemented in Boscombe and Sandbanks on Sunday as BCP Council tried to help ease congestion.

And with many seafront car parks full by 10am, residents have expressed their frustration at cars parking illegally across the conurbation.

Near Woodland Walk in Southbourne, local resident Dean Hawthorne saw a number of cars parked on the pavement by double yellow lines, which he described as “not acceptable”.

He said: “All the parking is free up there and there’s still lots of people parking on the pavement or on double yellow lines.

“I understand the council have introduced measures but maybe we need more.

“They are on the pavement, people have got to walk their prams on there, it’s not acceptable, it is not very considerate.

“If you have cars driving up onto the pavement it is no longer a safe area.

“I understand it with people travelling long distances, but they are not offering anything economically to the area, it is not good.”

One lady who lives in a block of flats in Earle Road said she had to stop a motorist urinating in her driveway after the visitor took one of the spaces in the private car park.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “We have got three spaces, two belong to nurses on the top floor.

“I was just in the garden when I saw someone walk round the back of my van, I asked if they knew the people [whose space it was], they said no.

“They said they couldn’t find a space and said they didn’t have the key when I asked them to move it.

“What part of you thinks this is okay? I rang the council and they said it is a private property, it’s a civil matter.

“I had to stop them from weeing, eventually they left at about 10pm. We couldn’t do anything about it which is the frustrating thing.”

Elsewhere, a resident called for action after a number of cars parked across verges in The Avenue near Branksome Chine.

He said: “Living here, we are on the second floor and we looked over cars pulling up.

“Sunday was the most extreme I have ever, ever seen with verge parking.

“On two occasions kids got out the car and had a wee right there on the verge.

“It is bad manners. There were people driving on the wrong side of the road.

"People pulling up and of course the damage is unfair.

“We pay our taxes to maintain this area and along comes this herd of incoming tourists who don’t care," he added.