SAY hello to some of Dorset's most loved pets, including a beautiful bearded dragon.

Clara Norman introduced us to her three rabbits, six-month-old TJ, two-year-old Skips and one-year-old Bon Bon.

Today, we also meet five-year-old Roxy.

Owner Jacqui Reid said: "Roxy is our very own gorgeous lion who likes to stalk the jungle (which is her back garden). She was the runt of the litter and almost died.

Bournemouth Echo: Roxy the cat Roxy the cat

"She makes up for her tiny size with a very big and cheeky personality. Roxy has breakfast at the neighbours house and loves her treats."

Iain Green shared a picture of his gorgeous cat Grace, while Rebecca Read introduced us to Wispa Red Tip, who loves to eat and sleep.

Bournemouth Echo: Wispa Red Tip the cat Wispa Red Tip the cat

It's a dog's life for Leonberger puppy Marley who will turn one on June 17.

Owner Julie Johnson said: "Marley is the size of a small pony and she loves going in the sea."

Christine Brooks shared brush-loving Sox with us and Anna Prostak introduced us to China the Labrador, who understands commands in two languages and loves nothing more than to swim and play.

Bournemouth Echo: China the Labrador China the Labrador

Finally, say hello to Hoggle the bearded dragon.

Owner Kat Cullen said: "She loves people-watching, sitting in the bath and head rubs."

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