THE TRUSTEES of Christchurch’s Druitt Hall have welcomed suggestions of a refurbishment of the community hall.

The future of the popular community hub in the centre of Christchurch has been under discussion due to outstanding repairs to the buildings windows and roof mounting up to £250,000.

The Druitt Hall Community Association have spent several thousands of pounds over the past few years on improvements to the building, at no expense to Christchurch Town Council.

A spokesman from the Druitt Hall Community Association said: “We operate the hall and our trustees, volunteers and supporters have made immense improvements to the facilities over the last seven years and will continue to keep the hall in tip-top condition whilst the council formalise their plans.

“In that time, we have completely renewed the toilets, the storage and kitchen facilities, we have formed a new meeting room, installed fire detection, new lighting and CCTV and upgraded the electrical installation.

“All these works have been carried out without recourse to Council funding, saving the Council some £9,000 per annum in projected running costs.

“We are optimistic that the Town Council will shortly give approval for refurbishment of the windows, making use of only part of the sum already set aside in their annual budget.”

Following a Community Committee meeting in April, Christchurch Town Council chose to commission a report which will help to determine whether residents’ council tax would be better spent on refurbishing the hall or building anew.

Having discussed the possible permutations for the Druitt Hall building, members of The Druitt Hall Community Association have not only backed plans to renovate the building, but have identified a Christchurch based business willing to carry out the works.

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The spokesman added: “This will inevitably take time and public consultations will be paramount in the decision process.

“The trustees, having considered the options of a new refurbishment, want to take this route and have found a local company able to carry out the work with minimal disturbance to the fabric of the building and at a price well within budget.

“If you have not visited the hall in recent months, do try to do so soon and see for yourself a building that is being well cared for in a style suited to its age.”

The Town Council's Community Committee has a scheduled meeting on June 29 at which they are expecting to receive and consider the surveyor's report on various options for the site.