THEY have looked dramatically different over the past year as shoppers don masks and adhere to social distancing rules.

But some of us have fond memories of supermarkets, including the shops that no longer exist.

We asked Facebook group We grew up in Bournemouth and Poole which supermarkets they miss the most and this is what they said:



Bournemouth Echo:

Safeway Supermarket used to be under the multi-storey car park in Avenue Road.

We grew up in Bournemouth and Poole member Penny Jyoti Falzoni said: "I shopped there. And Habitat next door."

Cindy Nurse commented: "I worked there when it first opened and remember the intercoms at each register I must have been about 17 years old.

"I had left home and was living at The Merville hotel near the square which were little apartments."

Sandy Haskell replied: "I worked their from opening as well.

"Remember the checkouts and I was trained in the deli counter as well as a back up, but I’d never heard of half the stuff they had on the counter.

"I was 17 as well and saving to get married whilst at college."

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Richway - Kinson

Bournemouth Echo:

Andrew Ock Nixey posted the above image with a post that simply read: "Richway at Kinson."

Trevor N Chrissy quickly replied: "God, yes!"

Richway were a chain of supermarkets that operated in the South of England and the Isle of Wight


Bejam  - Ashley Road, Poole

Bournemouth Echo:

Bejam was a British frozen food retailer founded by in 1968 John Apthorp and based in Stanmore, London.

In January 1989, Bejam was bought by its rival Iceland. The shops were rebranded to carry the Iceland name.

This store on Ashley Road is pictured in the early 1970s along with H C Peal on the corner of Ashley Road and Jubilee Road.

Tesco can be seen in the picture and is also no longer at the same address.

We grew up in Bournemouth and Poole member Caroline Mitchell said: "I can remember the big Bejam shop on Ashley Road."



Bournemouth Echo: Woolco.

Jane Francesca Lambie asked We grew up in Bournemouth and Poole group: "Does anyone remember Woolco....."

In the 1960s, Woolworths introduced huge out-of-town stores, called Woolco.

One opened at the Hampshire Centre (now Castlepoint) in 1968.

It lasted until the 1980s, when the majority of Woolcos became Gateway hypermarkets and were later taken over by Asda.


Other supermarkets mentioned in the group include Pricerite, Mainstop, Kwik Save, International and more.

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Bournemouth Echo: