MIKE Clarke is right to point out that “a minority of cyclists have no regard for other people” (June 3), but he appears to inhabit a bizarre, ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ world in which up is down, and cars – and by implication, car drivers – are shining examples of responsibility.

I’m sure that Mr Clarke has never driven through a red light, parked on a double yellow line, or broken the speed limit, but clearly, he needs reminding that it is air pollution from exhaust pipes and from brake wear and tear – so electric cars will be no panacea – that contributes to ill-health with significant cost to the NHS; that traffic noise is directly related to stress and ill-health (more cost to the NHS); that 99 per cent of pedestrian deaths – 456 in 2018 – are caused by collision with a vehicle (more cost to the NHS); that cars’ fossil fuel emissions contribute to the warming our planet with dire consequence and vast global cost.

Perhaps this is why cars are taxed in the way they are?


Throop Road, Bournemouth