I AM writing to ask how the improvements to the top end of Wallisdown Road is going to aid the flow of traffic and make it a pleasant experience for all road users.

Despite the land available there has been no provision for bus lanes, the width of the road has been reduced making it difficult for two large vehicles to pass, reduced access to the industrial units is causing large vehicle to block the road trying to gain access and reduced access to the filter lanes at the traffic lights is causing long tailbacks.

Yesterday I witnessed two ambulances having great difficulty getting through the traffic as there is no where to pull over to let them through as the road is too narrow.

Whilst I agree cycle lanes are a good idea surely this should not be at the expense of other road users, and although in a perfect world we would all like to use the bus or cycle for some of us this is not an option.

So please BCP highways planning department consider all aspects when making improvements or else you will gridlock our towns.


Webbs Way, Wallisdown