DEVELOPERS want to change the use of land near Network Rail’s substation site in Christchurch into an operational railway and install high voltage and auxiliary transformer modular units.

The current use of the site, near Lyndhurst Road, is part-operational and has a substation on it.

However, Network Rail wants to change the use of land to an operational railway, and planning officials will have to decide whether to grant permission.

The work at the Hinton Admiral Substation will include a new six-panel high voltage (HV) module, two auxiliary transformers (AT) housed within a module, installation of new galvanised steel palisade boundary fence and the works are programmed to start in November.

A planning statement from Network Rail said: “The application site is located on the side of an agricultural field. The application therefore seeks to change the use of this land from agricultural to operational railway land.

“Following the completion of the proposed works the application site will form part of NR’s existing Hinton Admiral Substation site.

“The proposed works involve the installation two new substation modules. The modules will be made of mild steel and be finished in Light Grey or Stainless steel. The new modules will be surrounded by a new galvanised steel palisade boundary fence.”

The HV module will be located on stilts with associated staircases, while the AT modules will be single-storey.

The application site in total is approximately 791m in size.

The statement continued: “The core strategy vision and objectives are to promote sustainable transport and reduce carbon emissions from transport which this project aims to do.

“The council fully support the principle of sustainable transport and are keen to promote proposals and strategies which reduce single occupancy car use and provide accessible services across Christchurch and East Dorset.

“The proposed Hinton Admiral Substation Renewal Project will improve existing railway infrastructure and support the railway network within the district. This in turn will promote and encourage the use of rail, a sustainable mode of transport.

“The proposed development is proportionate to the nature and scale of the Hinton Admiral site and its countryside setting.

“Importantly, the works will not cause harm to the character and landscape of the area.”