SAY hello to some of Dorset's most loved pets, from perfect pooches to cute cats.

Helen Garton introduced us to Gio and Dolce, her beloved 17-year-old Burmese cats.

Helen said: "They are the best of friends and love snuggling up together as well as playing chase around the house.

"Both follow us around and are always in the same room as us."

We feel truly spoilt as Rebecca Read shared two of her gorgeous pets with us.

Bournemouth Echo: Ruby Rose, who was formerly a street dog in RomaniaRuby Rose, who was formerly a street dog in Romania

First, "affectionate" Ruby Rose who is a street dog from Romania.

She also introduced us to Pepsi Max too, who is a street dog from Portugal.

According to Rebecca, Pepsi loves to chase squirrels, cuddle and eat.

She said: "He was so skinny and introverted when we first got him, it took two years for his true character to come out, and now he is gorgeous and so appreciative of his new forever home."

It's a dog's life for Tuxedo Poodle Madge who loves travelling and going on holiday.

Bournemouth Echo: Madge waiting for the 'green light' to travelMadge waiting for the 'green light' to travel

Owner Jane Lawton said: "Madge is never more than a meter away from me and is not enjoying pandemic distancing or travel restrictions. She is waiting for 'the green light.'"

Finally, say hello to Ellen Irvine's cat Jack who loves to spend his time sunbathing and sleeping in the garden.

Ellen said: "His favourite food is ham and he loves to get as much attention as he possibly can. My favourite thing about him is that he is very affectionate and loving but can be clumsy sometimes."

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