TAKE a look around The Larder House's new Tiki Bar, terrace and outdoor dining space. 

The team at The Larder House have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to revamp areas of their three-storey bar and restaurant in the heart of Southbourne. 

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From redecorating to building new bars and an outside dining space, there's plenty of new spaces and cosy corners to explore at one of Southbourne's most-loved restaurants.

Bournemouth Echo:

Original main bar and restauarant on the ground floor

On arrival at The Larder House, Southbourne Grove, it is easy to see why this is a favourite with the foodie elite and locals alike. 

The playful yet luxurious ambience of the three-storey bar and restaurant is like no other, with something to catch your eye at every turn. 

First opened in 2011 by hands-on founder James Fowler, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength whilst taking pride in the community it lives within.

From hosting a rip-roaring oyster shucking event in the summer to raising more than £11,000 in January with the help of the local community, there's something very special about The Larder House. 

Now the unique eatery has added to its quirky arrangement by creating a secret penthouse tiki bar, mid-floor boho terrace and extending to the inside-out dining to the rear. 

Operations manager, Morgan House said:

"We all wanted to use our time during lockdown wisely and none of us wanted to be at home - being here and working on these projects kept us all sane."

Bournemouth Echo:

Operations manager, Morgan House at The Larder House

Rear dining

The unspoilt atmosphere and experience of The Larder House has been enhanced further with the extension of the rear al-fresco dining space.

The main rear venue which features a huge wood burner and weather-proof pergola ensures customers can enjoy an al-fresco dining experience all-year-round.

Bournemouth Echo:

A additional dining space has been added to the rear of the building with a weather-proof pergola featuring extendable walls.

What was previously the smoking area has now been converted into an extension of this main year-round space with seating areas for customers to enjoy before being seated for their meal.

Morgan said: "We can bring the walls and roof down which makes this area fully enclosed and warm through the winter.

"We decided to extend this area because we knew we were going to be busy and it's perfect for an over-spill area, so customers never have to wait around and we can follow Covid precautions."

Bookings have not yet been taken in the extension due to the poor weather conditions but as things start to improve customers will be able to dine in the new space. 

The speak-easy   

The 1920s inspired speak-easy was first unveiled six years ago and had previously been staffing quarters. 

Bournemouth Echo:

New privacy curtains have been added to the speak-easy bar.

The magical cocktail bar is imposing yet intimate and transports the customer back in time.

What the owner James doesn't know about cocktails doesn't seem to be worth knowing - he was crowned the 2014 World Class UK Bartender of the year, so even the finest cocktail connoisseurs are in safe hands.

During the course of lockdown the team have installed luxe velvet curtains on copper piping to add to the sultry vibe and allow people to enjoy their own personal space amid the pandemic.

Morgan said: "We really didn't like the idea of the plastic screens between tables, that's just not us at all - they look really naff.   

"So we sewed these curtains ourselves and we think we'll keep them even after the pandemic because it makes the space even more versatile."

Private boho terrace

What was once a much smaller outdoor space with a  concrete floor, has now been transformed into a bohemian paradise.

Bournemouth Echo:

The astro-laden bohemian terrace acts as a perfect suntrap.

This quaint suntrap to the rear of the speak-easy has a range of rattan, wicker and bamboo furniture and is a prime spot for afternoon cocktails. 

Secret tiki bar

On the third and final floor is the all-new tiki bar that was hand-designed and crafted by the team at the restaurant.

Morgan said: "When we built this bar we wanted to make it feel like you'd travelled through time."

Bournemouth Echo:

The exotic and playful new tiki bar at The Larder House.

The team spent the last lockdown transforming the old staff room into this wonderful venue space, gathering corrugated iron roofing to create the bar and engineering their own wicked and rope lighting.

The lights gently flicker when dimmed to show-off the talent of a local artist who painted a star-spangled night's sky on the ceiling (and yes, it glows in the dark).

Morgan said:

"We deliberately designed it so the idea of the tiki bar is that we've been hit by a hurricane, the roof's come off, the lights are fading away and the stars are peeking through." 

Bournemouth Echo:

The new tiki bar at The Larder House transports you to a new world.

There is a unique charm that can be found in the seamless transitions between the unusual spaces at The Larder House.

Somehow, they've transported the diner from a European rustic restaurant to a 1920s speak-easy to a ramshackled tiki bar and nothing seems out of place. 

Morgan said: "It's what The Larder House is all about.

"It's the idea that you can be anywhere in the world but you're not, you're just sitting in The Larder House but you're getting that true, unique experience."