NEW automatic speed restrictions will be in force on licensed e-scooters across the promenade in Bournemouth.

With a busy influx of visitors expected at the beach this summer, Beryl has announced a proactive move to introduce the Go Slow zone from Wednesday.

Through the use of GPS data and geo-fencing, Beryl e-scooters will automatically and gradually slow down to three mph once they have entered the restricted area.

It will be in force throughout the summer from 10am to 6pm.

In addition, a No Go zone will be in operation across all of Christchurch indefinitely.

At present, the Department for Transport e-scooter trial only permits use of the Beryl hire vehicles in Bournemouth and Poole.

Users are encouraged to dismount and walk their e-scooter back into the Beryl zone where it is safe and permissible to ride again.

Beryl CEO Phillip Ellis said, “It is safe and convenient to ride an e-scooter throughout most areas across Bournemouth and Poole, but in particular zones we want to safeguard the wider public’s safety and interests as residents and visitors begin to move around more freely.

“The technology involved in the Go Slow and No Go zones is incredibly safe and has been vigorously tested by our operations team. Riders can be assured that when they enter these zones their e-Scooter will gradually slow down to 3mph, or stop completely, where we encourage riders to hop off the vehicle and follow in-app guidance.”

The Go Slow zones will be visible in the Beryl app, with Go Slow areas shaded in yellow with a tortoise icon. A clock icon will highlight the operating hours of the Go Slow zone.

The No Go zone is shaded in black with a stop sign icon. Users cannot finish their journeys in a No Go zone.

Beryl will send push notifications to riders’ phones when they are entering these areas so they are aware of the incoming speed change.

The Beryl e-Scooters can only be used on roads, cycle lanes, carriageways and other areas where cycling is permitted but not on pavements.

Those using Beryl e-scooters and bikes to transport themselves are encouraged to wash their hands immediately before and after use and stay two metres away from others whilst riding.

Privately owned e-scooters are not permitted for use in public.

For more information on Beryl’s e-scooter and bike share scheme, visit