TWO Daily Echo readers have shared images of their very different lockdown gardens.

Annette Acors' outdoor space in West Parley has had a complete makeover thanks to the efforts of her husband.

She said: "I’ve always wanted a pizza oven, but my lovely husband went above and beyond with the creation of 'Missy’s Place'. It's a lockdown 2020 creation!"

Bournemouth Echo: Annette Acors' new outdoor spaceAnnette Acors' new outdoor space

Joe Robles from Verwood sent us lovely pictures of his garden, which he spent over two years perfecting and improving.

The garden at the front of the house was bare when he moved in, so Joe started the landscaping in April 2018 and is happy with the results.

He said: "This garden is my pride. People passing by have to go back and have a second look.

"All lovely comments from our neighbours and people passing are very overwhelming. I am so proud of my garden and thank you to my lovely wife and my son for the helping hand.

Bournemouth Echo: Joe Robles' Goroto at night Joe Robles' Goroto at night

"I also made a Goroto which is at the back garden and it is stunning, especially at night time. It's very relaxing to the human eye."

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