ACCORDING to our recent Freedom of Information request, we have learned that BCP council in 2020/2021 received:

  • £2.864million via the Pothole and Challenge Fund
  • £3.725m via the annual Highways Maintenance Block allocation and
  • £4.184m of Dept for Transport (DfT) Challenge Funding for highway improvements.

This amounts to £10.773m.

Can anyone tell us why we are continually compelled to put up with an ever-increasing number of huge potholes in our towns, when the BCP Council have been allocated these huge amounts of money?

During these lockdowns, when traffic was a lot lighter, the council should have been getting on with repairing them, or even better resurfacing the roads, most of which are simply not fit for purpose!

In Northbourne there are so many potholes on Wimborne Road that they will now need to totally resurface it from where the Tesco road renovations ended years ago (at the Broadway) to the road parallel to Whitelegg Way up to the traffic lights.

The cycle lanes on Whitelegg Way are surely less of a priority than this?


Glamis Avenue, Bournemouth