SHOPPERS in Bournemouth are worried about the hole Debenhams will leave on our high street as the store is yet another to close down. 

High street department store Debenhams will be closing its doors for the final time on Wednesday, 12 May.

The Debenhams brand name and website were bought in January by the online retailer Boohoo, but all 118 remaining stores will close with the loss of thousands of jobs.

The chain store is currently offering massive discounts of 80 per-cent across fashion and up to 70 per-cent off home and fragrance.

We caught up with Bournemouth shoppers to see how they felt about Debenhams closing down. 

Christine Fox and her grandaughter Charlotte Christoper, who had just visited Debenhams, said: "We will miss popping in there, its a good shop to go in if you're waiting for the bus. You could always find a deal or go upstairs to the cafe."

Bournemouth Echo:

Debenhams on Wednesday, May 5.

Debenhams is yet another heritage high street store to close in the town after Beales shut its doors in March last year and Marks and Spencer on Commercial Road closed in 2018.

Ms Fox and Ms Christopher said: "There's only one main store left which is House of Fraser, now that Beales and Marks and Sparks have gone. 

"It's going to be like a ghost town here because everything's having to shut down - it's going to work its way to the other chain and it'll just be completely empty everywhere."

Bournemouth Echo:

Mohammed Alotaivi will miss the hustle and bustle of the busy town square.

Mohammed Alotaivi said: "I've not been shopping in Debenhams in the last year at least.

"I will miss the shop as it goes from the high street - I'll miss seeing crowds and people going about, I think it could be a real shame for the town centre."

Callum Isles from Boscombe said: "I've not been shopping in Debenhams recently and I don't really feel any particular way about it closing down. 

"It was good for Christmas presents - to get gifts for people you weren't sure of what to buy - but that's about it.

Bournemouth Echo:

Callum Isles feels indifferent about the store closing as he only used it once a year - Echo.

"I'm not going to miss it really - I'd probably like to see a John Lewis in its place to be honest."

Shoppers Rosa Bitouche and Brandon James said: "We've just come shopping for a day out, but we haven't actually been into Debenhams.

"I'd like to see a big store like Size in here or I'm a charity shopper and it's a good location so they'd definitely get some money in here."

Bournemouth Echo:

Rosa Bitouche and Brandon James from Southampton don't shop in Debenhams.

There was a common theme among so of the youngest shoppers in town that Debenhams for them was somewhere they didn't really venture - that it was for an older generation. 

Ollie Crawford, 19 and Beth Kae, 17 explained that they hadn't been shopping in the department store recently.

Bournemouth Echo:

Ollie Crawford and Beth Kae outside of Debenhams in Bournemouth.

Mr Crawford said: "It doesn't really affect us really, we're a bit young to shop there but our mums will probably be devastated."

Hoping for some fresh and new stores in its place, Ms Kae added: "I'm fine with it closing down as long as they put something good in its place and it's not just another cafe or something that we've got loads of."

Shopper, Daniel Cogan said: "It'll be a very big empty space in the town centre. 

"I never really went in there before it shut so for me it will only be missed because it will be a huge empty space but other than that it's not going to affect me much at all.

Bournemouth Echo:

Daniel Cogan will be sad to see another huge store empty on the high street - Echo.

"I could see the Range or something similar fitting here very well instead. I think the way the world's going it needs to be economy focused rather than high end focused so a Range would work very well."

What would you like to see in place of Debenhams when it closes? Let us know in the comments.