TWO local people blocked roads in Bournemouth and Christchurch in protest against lack of action to stop the climate crisis.

At 11am yesterday, landlord Matthew Sheard, 63, stopped traffic on Christchurch High street by sitting in the road wearing a sign that read: “I’m terrified government will talk green but won’t act to stop the climate crisis.”

In Poole Road in Westbourne, mechanical engineering student Louis McKechnie, 20, sat in the road wearing a sign reading: “I’m terrified to have children because of the climate crisis.”

Matt and Louis were campaigning to ensure more action was taken to tackle the climate emergency.

Bournemouth Echo:

One lady tried to physically move Louis and eventually police were called and Matt was persuaded to leave the road, while Louis was arrested, but later released without charge.

Matt and Louis were not alone in taking action. Around the country, hundreds of people blocked roads from Aberdeen to Truro as part of the “rebellion of one” action, part of a new tactic by extinction rebellion, which involves individuals taking action alone, yet united.

Louis said: “If mass peaceful direct action is what it takes for our leaders to pull their heads from the sand, then I refuse to be a bystander to the burning of our planet. To me, rebellion of one is an act of love for the planet and its inhabitants.”

Matt added: “We are at a tipping point. Governments have delayed action for 40 years, while claiming to be climate leaders.

“Now we need drastic action to prevent a dangerous increase in global temperatures. The public need to be told that this will mean changes to every aspect of our lives.

“The alternative is terrifying. Christchurch is particularly vulnerable to sea level rise and is already subject to regular flooding. This will become much, much worse.”

Dorset Police and the government have been contacted for a comment.