TWO catapults have been seized from youths in Poole after police came across them firing at pigeons in a tree.

The Poole neighbourhood policing team officers encountered the youths on Friday afternoon.

A police spokesman said: "Whilst on patrol we came across a couple of youths, who were firing catapults into a large fir tree.

"Fortunately, the targets (wood pigeon) in this case were unharmed.

"Catapults were seized and the youths were given strong words of advice.

"They will also be issued with warning notices about shooting wild birds.

"All wild birds are protected under Section 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is a criminal offence to kill,injure or take any wild bird or attempt to do so."

The offences apply to all wild birds including wood pigeon,crows,magpies and jays, said the police spokesman.