A DORSET road has been crowned as one of the most 'Instagrammable' places in the UK. 

In a poll of the most Instagrammed streets, one very special Dorset location was listed and it's no surprise which road it is.

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With foreign travel still up in the air (pardon the pun), lots of people are starting to look a little closer to home when planning a picture-perfect break.  

Looking at the most tagged locations, Direct2Florist has revealed the sost Instagrammable streets in the UK.

Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, famous for its role in the Hovis advert and Far From the Madding Crowd, sits at number eleven.

Bournemouth Echo:

This beautiful photo of Gold Hill was taken by Echo Camera Club Dorset member Antony Lowe

Carnaby Street in London, comes out on top with 366,761 as the UK’s Most Instagrammed Street.

Stockbridge in Edinburgh comes second with 231,679 tags and Clovelly’s High Street comes third with 147,785.

The 15 most Instagrammable UK streets

1. Carnaby Street, London - 366,761

2. Stockbridge, Edinburgh - 231,679

3. High Street, Clovelly - 147,785

4. The Street, Castle Combe - 110,522

5. Victoria Street, Edinburgh - 75,837

6. The Circus, Bath - 48,892

7. Shoregate, Crail - 41,315

8. Steep Hill, Lincoln - 32,947

9. The Shambles, York - 32,845

10. Ashton Lane, Glasgow - 29,355

11. Gold Hill, Shaftesbury - 25,497

12. Grey Street, Newcastle - 23,783

13. Tanhouse Brae, Culross - 19,292

14. Smithfield Street, Dolgellau - 17,588

15. The Royal Mile, Edinburgh - 16,553

Reflecting on the findings, Simon Stirling of Direct2Florist said: “One of the best things about the UK are the quaint little side streets and beautiful roads which make up some of our oldest and best towns and cities.

"Some of these streets are world famous, and with travel most likely restricted to the UK this summer, there couldn’t be a better time to get out there and tick these beauty spots off your bucket list.

“With city breaks becoming a bigger focus this year, we wanted to pull together a handy guide of the most beautiful streets to visit post lockdown, and did so through Instagram - on the logic that the more hashtags for the street, the more photogenic and more beautiful it was.

"These are the perfect streets to visit this summer for a cake and a coffee or a pint.”

Streets were compiled based on newspaper survey data of the UK’s most beautiful streets and ranked based on the total number of Instagram hashtags.