A POLICE helicopter flying low level over our neighbourhood Upper Parkstone at four in the morning.

Do you think we could have sight of some operational criteria when it is justified to wake up some ten thousand resident in their beds?

Is it a case of very serious crime? Has there been a major assault or abduction or murder?

I do not see what other crime could justify waking up so many thousands of residents.

We have had this issue for thirty years. Police refusing to say why a helicopter has been deployed. All I have ever been told is the matter is “operationally sensitive”.

I hope all our PCC candidates agree this is not acceptable. Police deploy a low level helicopter then the following day in public media we need statements why it was deployed.

A matter of accountability back to the public. We have never had this in thirty years.

If a stolen car or a drug dealing at night with no physical harm that is surely not justification.

No-one expects police to do their work with no disruption of areas but a police helicopter at night has a massive impact on all of us.