YOU have reported two racially-aggravated assaults in BCP in the last few days, one in Moordown where a child was attacked and one in Mudeford.

I have attended several protests called by Black lives Matter and Stand up to Racism. Some people shout “all lives matter”.

If all lives really did matter we would not have racial assaults on the streets, we would not have a massive disproportion of stop and search where young black people are picked on more than 20 times more often than others.

If all lives really did matter there wouldn’t have been a massive disproportion of the number of BAME medical staff dying of Covid or the massive disproportion of young BAME people unemployed.

Until all lives really do matter in policing, health, education and employment we will carry on campaigning and shouting that “Black Lives Matter”.

We want to make it clear that racist assaults must stop.


For Stand up to Racism Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole, Bournemouth