FIREFIGHTERS were called to Poole after a six-month-old puppy got its head stuck between two brick walls.

The young puppy, called Bambi, needed freeing from a brick wall in the morning of Thursday April 22.

After a specialist officer assessed the situation, a crew from Hamworthy were sent to the address on Junction Road in Poole.

Firemen used hammers and chisels to break through paving slabs and concrete to eventually free the young pup.

A spokesman from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Following a call about a six-month-old puppy with its head stuck between two brick walls, a specialist officer was mobilised to assess the scene.

“He then requested the attendance of a fire engine, which was mobilised from Hamworthy.

“The crew used hand tools to dismantle metal work and brick work in order to rescue the puppy.”