IT GRIEVES me to admit this but I have to say that I am in agreement with D Swayne over the subject of Covid ‘passports’, not because of any ‘tyranny’ but simply due to the ridiculousness and unworkability of the whole idea.

Not having flown for years and with no imminent urge to do so, I do feel strongly that some kind of checks must be carried out at passport control.

However this is for the powers that be at airports to manage and control.

A passport is a document necessary to enter and leave a country (or state) and any inoculations required at the time should, of course, be monitored.

Having said that, I do not recall, in the past, any checks being carried out at passport control in any country visited.

Security, including long queues, delays, irritation, etc. is an inevitable part of travelling.

Escalate this to pubs, clubs, shops, gyms and any other establishment and imagine how that would actually work in real life.

It would be interesting to hear the views of anyone who works in security, doormen/women etc. on this subject, bearing in mind the aggro and violence already experienced late at night.


Belvedere Road, Christchurch