It was many happy returns of the day as Hollie Moore gave birth to Jack Avery Hill 3 days early on his grandad’s 70th birthday at Poole maternity unit.

But it was also a happy birthday for each one of these precious newborns who have been spreading joy to parents and their families across the region during these unprecedented times.

Charlotte Craddock-Marks welcomed Grace Piper Craddock-Marks on 08/02/21 at Poole maternity, weighing 4lb 16 oz.

Grace was born at 34 weeks, and both Grace and mum spent two weeks in hospital. Grace is doing really well now she’s finally home and is much adored by both her mummies Charlie and Tracy.

Parents Jay Moss and Jade Rose welcomed their 1st child “ a smiley cuddly baby” Florence Grace Moss on 09/01/2021 at St Mary’s, Poole, weighing 8lb 15oz. Her ‘siblings’ are puppies Minnie and Murphy!

Jade Forse gave birth to Sharday-Marie Jade Mitchell on 25-2-2021 at Poole, weighing 7lb 14oz, a sister for Alfie-lee Tyriece Destini. She was born 2 weeks early and is “doing really well.”

Marika Bugajna-Jader welcomed Marcel Jader on 03.03.21 at Poole, weighing 3.905 kg, a younger brother for Borys.

Marika said: “I had an induction labour booked on my due date. My waters broke around 21:30. I though that my baby would be born next day but Marcel decided to come just on the last minutes of  03.03.21 at 23:52. I gave birth in the water. It was the best choice ever. I was calm and relaxed because I knew what’s going to happen. Now I am happy mum of two boys”.

Stephanie Feltham’s first baby Amelia Anne Sheen was born on Thursday 6th August 2020 at Salisbury District Hospital, weighing 6lb 6oz.

She said:” I ended up going into labour at home and by the time we got to the hospital it went very quickly from there. We walked through the doors and by the time I reached the bed I was ready to push. 25 minutes after arriving at the hospital my beautiful daughter Amelia entered the world! Born at 21:56pm....We couldn’t wait to get her home and finally be a family of 3!”

It's also a big welcome to the world to baby Savannah Lynne Duffy who was born 19/3/2021 at Poole St Mary’s to parents Connel Duffy and Atlanta Duffy, weighing 7lb 9oz.

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