ALTHOUGH not a devout Royalist, I found the slow march behind the Duke's Landrover cortège at his funeral at Windsor Castle very moving and symbolic.

I believe Prince Charles instigated that.

Without the regalia of somewhat entitled military ranking and dressed in their morning attire, I was amazed that they all slow-marched in step with each other.

As it occurred, I looked at all their faces and none looked so saddened as Prince Charles, along with his wife Camilla, who must have felt his pain.

Apart from the Queen having to sit alone with head mostly down during this sad event after such a long and happy marriage, most of the media were captivated by the continuing 'Harry Story' - did Harry and Will talk, during his short visit, will they both make up and end their rift especially after the so controversial Oprah interview?

Myself, I don't care.

I want to hear more from Prince Charles over everything and see how he feels - after all, he is our future King.

As for the funeral itself, well the Royals stuck to the Covid protocol with only 30 guests and social seating distance - however, should I or anybody die during this pandemic, apart from having just only 30 funeral guests, can I also have half the military attend as well as a large gun salute within my local park.

Not to mention a choir and most of the global media for TV and radio recording it?

It wasn't that low profile by most people's standards - but was fitting for our late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip.

Rest In Peace.

Christine Peters