A “MONSTER” domestic abuser who tried to crawl back to his ex-partner threatened to kill her and their baby daughter.

Craig Wallace left his former partner for another woman.

When she refused to take him back, he bombarded her and her family with abusive messages.

In a call with his probation officer Wallace, 29, of Windham Road, Bournemouth, said he was on his way to her home to hurt her.

“I’m going to smash the door in and hurt her,” he said.

The woman said: “I can only describe him as a monster.”

Wallace was allegedly overheard telling the woman that he would get a gang of his friends to kidnap their daughter and burn her house down.

At Hove Crown Court, Judge Christin Henson QC told Wallace he is a danger to the woman and her family. She jailed him for four years and six months.

Pierce Power, prosecuting, said Wallace made the threats in July last year, and caused police to step up protection for the Crawley woman.

The probation officer was so concerned that he called the police.

In the calls Wallace said of his ex-partner and daughter: “You need to be taking them somewhere safe, I’m near the house now, **** is going to go wrong.

Wallace said he was “armed” .He said he would not be taken alive. “If I die, I die. I don’t give a **** any more,” he told the officer.

The court also heard claims, not accepted by Wallace, that he abused the woman’s father.

Wallace also allegedly sent the woman messages saying: “I’m not resting until you lose everything. I will cut your face off.”

Wallace denied making those claims to the woman and her father, but admitted making threats to kill.

Mr Power said the relationship with the woman had deteriorated and Wallace became “violent and abusive”.

But in a letter to the court Wallace said he was physically abused as a child. He said: “I’m not a violent man, I’m a man with mental illness seeking help,” he said.

It was revealed Wallace has used drugs like heroin and cocaine in the past and has a personality disorder.

Judge Henson QC said the woman suffered “very serious distress” from the threats. The judge added an extra four years to Wallace’s prison licence after his release and said he must serve two-thirds of his sentence before he can be considered for parole.