IN FEBRUARY this year the governor of the Bank of England wrote to the Environment Agency saying, "climate change is a strategic priority of the Bank because it has the potential to cause significant damage to the UK economy and the financial system".

The government's ten point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution was launched in November.

Unfortunately the sums mentioned are just not big enough, while £110 billion is spent on seeing off ancient woodland for HS2.

The Conference of the Parties, COP26, in Glasgow in November will bring together world leaders, climate experts, business leaders and citizens.

Ambitious action must be agreed.

Prince Philip blew the whistle on environmental degradation back in the 60s even though he did once kill a tiger.

Since then natural wilderness has hugely decreased and there's an acceleration in species being lost.

Humans are encroaching on pristine habitat everywhere and treating the planet as a limitless resource.

But there are consequences.

So Colin Moyes (Have Your Say 10.4.21) needs to look more carefully at the evidence, including the awful data showing a historic and unprecedented high of over 420 parts per million of carbon dioxide now in our atmosphere.

And those urging us to "protect our Blue Wall seats" would do well to better incentivise us to protect our irreplaceable Blue Planet.

Susan Chapman