Today’s pack of furry friends include five adorable canine companions.

Your dogs continue to provide amusement, entertainment and comfort during the pandemic which is certainly the case with this lovely line-up.

As we continue to spend a lot of time at home due to covid-19 restrictions, our pets are certainly enjoying having us around and your pictures show them making the most of every moment together!

Jacqueline Biddiscombe in Poole sent us a picture of her dog Molly asleep with her on the couch when she was ill, saying: "Molly loves to kiss me when I wake up, she also likes to chase small balls and bring them back to me. And Molly loves to love my dad  and pose."

Becky Kilshawe’s playful companion Lilly in Canford Heath “loves to run around in the garden playing catch with her favourite toy.”

Whilst Martin Jowett in Bournemouth says his dog Murphy loves “cuddling and sleeping - and also posing!”

Hayley Mitchell in Bournemouth says her gorgeous puppy Ace “loves nothing more than going to Slades Farm in the dog pen and playing with the other dogs, as well as lots of cuddles with my self and his brother and sister. He is simply adorable! He is pictured after digging in the garden and posing as per usual!”

Mrs Jill Samways in Bournemouth says her dog Jezzabell "loves taking her hotdog soft toy - which my mum gave her, and treating it like her baby, bless her!"

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