JUST recently quite a few letters have been printed from correspondence who are enthusiastic, to say the least, about cycling and seemingly what they claim to be damage to the environment/climate by the use of cars.

Firstly, if we look back through history and that’s all we can do, there is no doubt whatsoever that climate changes, it has done since the day the Earth was created.

What intrigues me about a number of your correspondence concern with regard to climate change is that they assume that mankind can change the climate.

If this is the case and many have their doubts, what climate are they seeking to change it to? A hundred years ago, or back to the time when the Thames froze over, or back to when the Romans invaded England and they were able to grow grapes north of Newcastle.

Climate change enthusiasts never answer this question, they will always befuddle the situation by saying that we are in a climate emergency.

The problem here may be that what is ideal climate for this country may not be ideal for other parts of the world.

What if we spend millions throughout the world only to discover that it doesn’t work?
Unfortunately, what your climate change correspondence do not seem to realise is that even if we all gave up cars and cycled and walked everywhere, we probably wouldn’t influence climate as much as a volcanic eruption would do, as history has demonstrated to us in the past.

Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy