A SET of guidelines to help keep beaches across the BCP Council conurbation clean have been issued.

The council, in a bid to ensure people “respect, protect and enjoy our beaches”, has listed the rules which could be punishable with a fine.

Firstly, the council warned cars parked illegal or causing obstruction may be towed.

People are also urged to respect members of staff across the seafront.

Four-hundred triple sized bins have been installed and the council has warned people littering risk a fine of £150.

Overnight camping in unauthorised places, such as the beach, risks a £1,000 fine, and the council said 24-hour beach patrol will be gathering evidence for prosecution.

Open fires also run the risk of a £1,000 fine and cycling on the promenade is banded between 10am to 6pm, July to August.

Dogs must be kept on leads on the promenades, piers, zig zags and footpaths and owners must clean up after their dog. Failure to comply risks a fine of up to £1000.

People have also been reminded they cant give any kind of performance on the beaches, to consider other people when playing games and music, and not to climb on any walls or fences.