A MAN was arrested after assaulting a police officer when a fight broke out in Sandbanks on Thursday night.

Poole neighbourhood policing team have begun a new operation, called Operation Sandman, aimed at targeting large groups of teenagers drinking in Sandbanks, boy racers and beach fires.

The first night of the operation was on Thursday and will run throughout the summer.

A spokesperson for Poole Police said: “8pm, a group of 150 sixth formers celebrating last day of term on Kite Beach opposite Tesco Express, Shore Road. Old enough to be drinking. In socially distanced groups. Polite and amenable with officers.

“At 9:10pm, section 59 issued to a vehicle for erratic and anti-social driving. 9:18pm, a male found rolling a joint in a car. Issued a community resolution.

“At 9:30pm, five fires put out by officers on Kite Beach and advice given regarding fines. 9:45pm, one male dealt with robustly for throwing a glass bottle into sea. Advice given. Bottle located and placed into bin.

“At 9:55pm a small fight broke out in the triangular garden on the north side of Tesco Express. Police close by and were able to intervene, preventing harm.

“At 10:30pm, fight broke out in the vicinity of Kite Beach. Main aggressor, suspected to have been bottled, had an injury to the face. Police tried to deal with him as a victim, but he assaulted two police officers and was arrested.

“NPT and traffic officers committed on Operation Sandman were supported by patrol, NPAS and police dogs for the disorder at 10:30pm.

“At 11pm, section 35 authorised by a police inspector until 8am. Those issued a dispersal notice will be arrested if they return to the location.”