UNIHOMES tells us that the influx of student interest presents a great opportunity for landlords, who can minimise any pandemic impact caused to rental income, by taking advantage of this.

Unfortunately they fail to mention the downsides to the local community.

Student landlords, including the companies responsible for the halls of residence, are in it to make a profit.

That profit is at the expense of us council taxpayers.

Council tax is not payable on student accommodation so there is a loss of income to the council.

Furthermore the council still has to provide services such as refuse collection.

As council taxpayers we are effectively subsidising those landlords.

Whist some landlords take their responsibilities seriously there are those absentee landlords who only care about their profits and don’t care about the local community.

They do little to maintain the house or gardens. As a result neighbours have to live with these eyesores.

Whilst the vast majority of students are considerate of their neighbours, there are a minority who are not.

Neighbours have to put up with anti-social behaviour and disruption to their day to day life. It is often impossible to contact these landlords and even if you can they show no interest.

Students bring a lot to the area and we should welcome them.

However it is about time landlords were made to face up to their responsibilities to the local community.

The Government could start by making them pay council tax out of their profits.


Laidlaw Close, Poole