A 10-YEAR-old lurcher is looking for a forever home after being at the RSPCA Ashley Heath Centre for almost a year.

Seamus has been continually overlooked during lockdown and has not yet found anyone to snuggle up with on the sofa.

Staff at RSPCA Ashley Heath have been taking it in turns to spend time cuddling with him, but they are desperate to find him a perfect retirement home.

Ashley Heath behaviour and welfare advisor, Hannah Hawkins said: "Seamus is such a lovely dog, he’s a real snuggle-bug and is looking for a quiet retirement home.

"We’ve seen unprecedented levels of interest in rehoming during lockdown with dogs flying out of the doors to their new homes. But, sadly, Seamus has been overlooked time and time again due to his age and his medical needs.

"He suffers from arthritis and has a missing hip joint so he doesn’t need to go for walks but would like a reasonable-sized garden where he can enjoy pottering, sniffing and exploring.

"He will need ongoing veterinary care but Bournemouth vet clinic has offered to cover his medical expenses so ideally we’d like him to be rehomed locally so his new owners can make the most of this support."

Seamus would like a new home with patient owners who can build up his confidence as he can be fairly nervous around new people.

He knows some basic commands and enjoys learning tricks and getting treats, while his favourite pastime is curling up on the sofa and enjoying lots of fuss and cuddles.

Seamus would like to have company during the day initially while he settles in before his new owners can start to teach him that it is okay to be home alone.

He sometimes struggles meeting new dogs, so he will need slow and controlled socialisation to make new friends.

Seamus could live with a confident cat and he is happy wearing a muzzle and wears one when out in public.

Hannah said: "Seamus doesn’t want much. He absolutely loves snuggling on the sofa and, after nearly a year in kennels on his own, he really does deserve having his own sofa and someone to cuddle up to. He’ll make a great companion for someone."

To find out more about Seamus, you can visit his online profile or contact Ashley Heath on ashleyheath@rspca.org.uk or 0300 123 0749.