WITH ever more shared spaces on our roads between vehicles, cycle lanes and now motorised scooters, an anomaly exists.

Take cyclists, at the moment we seem to have two types one is the cyclist who rides along at a reasonable pace, for exercise and sometimes in a family group.

The second type are the ones that are usually lycra clad, riding a stripped down racing bike and going at a pace to ensure that they get from A to B as quickly as possible, very often exceeding the speed limit and woe-betide anything that gets in the way.

They very often have a camera on top of the helmet in order to record other road users.

If they see a road traffic offence committed against them, it will then be recorded by the camera together with the number plate of the offending vehicle, this can then be used in evidence and the incident reported to the police, many will argue quite rightly so.

What if the situation is reversed, now that many cars have dash cams fitted if that say for example records a road traffic offence being committed by the cyclists, such as going through red light as I have seen quite a few times recently, and that offence is recorded on the dash cam of the vehicle.

Then unfortunately there is no way at present that the cycle or scooter can be identified.

The whole point is can this be fair? And it begs the question should not some form of visual identification be provided on bicycles and scooters?


Harkwood Drive, Poole