A BOSCOMBE artist has hand-painted a four-minute animation depicting Boscombe in lockdown through a commission for Arts Development Company.

Corrianna Clarke, 29, who attended Arts University Bournemouth, created a short animation inspired by (and against the soundtrack of) the voices and stories of those living in Boscombe, working with the community to learn about the experiences that they had through lockdown.

Through the project, she is keen to convey a positive side to the town.

Corrianna said: "I really wanted to create something that the community felt represented them, that they could identify with, and have ownership of: a piece that would be for Boscombe residents, but also for those outside of the area, to shine a light on the town.

"I want the stories of Boscombe locals to be heard beyond the area, a contrast to the negative media and underrepresentation of the area, giving a platform to local voices.

"For the video, I had to find and engage with people who are not necessarily connected with the arts. This pushed me to explore my community circle.

"People are very passionate about Boscombe because they have to defend it. This project was a really good opportunity to make space for these people to be listened to.

"If I can encourage discussion about something as an artist, that's great. It's important to get different perspectives. People will feel represented by the animation but I know it won't represent everyone."

To watch the animation, visit Eventbrite where you can sign up, for free, to watch: http://bit.ly/3b3FCd4