IN A WEEK that has been a watershed moment for women, highlighting the reality that all women fear for their safety; causing the Government to reopen their consultation on Violence again Women and Girls, its extraordinary that members of the council’s opposition are busy worrying about titles and that the odd document refers to chairman.

As someone who used to bunk off school to march for women’s rights and has continued to campaign for decades, I am increasingly dismayed that younger women see gender neutral as beneficial to women; in many ways it has the opposite effect and leads to the removal of our protections and rights.

A young relation a few days ago ran a poll to her large social media following, within minutes she was inundated with tales of date rape, coercion to sex, everyday groping, sexism and objectification.

Violence against women is increasing in all its forms.

Sites like Pornhub show wall-to-wall readily available violent porn; is it any wonder sexual assault is increasing in schools. The buying and selling of people for sex or sexual services, where women and children are exploited and trafficked, is now called ‘sex work’ as if it’s a career choice.

Whilst council leaders are taking positive action on women’s safety, female councillors should be seizing this opportunity to make our voices heard positively.

Councillors, I ask you to please withdraw this frivolous motion; instead let’s work together on something tangible for the protection of the women and girls of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.


Ward councillor for Moordown

Cabinet lead member - cultural events and Bournemouth regeneration