YOU have been sending us photos of your cheeky cats and delightful dogs for a place in the spotlight.

And this week we even have a more exotic pet - a reptile called Medli who, according to his owner Jo Arnell in Bournemouth, "loves to bask on the keyboard” .

Medli is a leopard gecko and "Has a lovely character and loves being fussed over, contrary to the usual reptile assumptions as being cold blooded."

Clearly, Medli is just one of the treasured pets from across Dorset and the New Forest who are simply loving having you at home for longer during the third Covid lockdown.

Special mention goes to birthday boy Shadow, a retired greyhound from Hove who now lives on the sofa in the New Forest after many years of running fast and winning trophies. He likes 'helping' in the kitchen!

Annabelle Dean in Broadstone says of her rescue cat Milo: "When we got him at nearly six months old he was thin and extremely nervous. Now he is an energetic cheeky cat that enjoys getting up to mischief and loves all the family although he is still nervous of people he does not know. He loves to play with and eat vegetable - especially Brussell sprouts!”

Rocking the bandana is Rosie from Poole whose owner Stu Bishop says she loves to ‘sleep, eat and have her belly rubbed!”

Archie from Bournemouth is pictured drying out after getting caught in a shower. His owner Karen Johns says he loves to chase his favourite ball

We love to feature your pets online and in paper each Saturday. Follow the link at the bottom of this article to submit a picture of your pet.