A COUPLE from Kinson are one step closer to their weightloss goals after losing nearly eight stone since the first lockdown.

Geologist Amanda King and her husband Adrian King, a Civil Servant, are now only a few pounds away from achieving their dream weight after joining Slimming World.

Before joining their local group in April 2019, the pair had begun to struggle with their weight and became concerned as Adrian has Type 1 Diabetes and slightly high cholesterol.

However, the restrictions posed by Covid-19 did not hinder with their weightloss.

Amanda said: "When the world went out of control, I took control of the one thing I could - the power to believe in myself and give up my years of excuses and yo-yo dieting.

"My husband has also lost just over two and a half stone in lockdown and reached his target.

"We are both feeling amazing, fitter and a lot healthier. I have dropped four dresses sizes and Adrian two waist sizes. The great thing is we didn’t have to give anything up either."

The couple’s Slimming World Consultant, Jenny Manley said: "I feel really proud of Amanda and Adrian that they have turned their health around and lost the weight they have, especially knowing the links between being overweight and more serious outcomes of Covid-19."