I do not share Robert Wilson's concerns about the perceived failings and under use of the local Covid test centres.

If people don't need to be tested, then why go? Just for a trip out?

IN the first lockdown my wife and I visited the Creekmoor Centre and yes, we were the only people using the facility at that time but it was a great reassurance to be able to access it.

More recently I visited the Hawkwood Road site, within 15 minutes of easily booking an online appointment - and I speak as a Luddite - which was busy and well organised.

Convenient as a walk-in test would be, the online information required by the NHS (or Bill Gates depending on your beliefs) when booking would need to be given at the venue causing potentially hazardous delays there.

Regarding his final point, that of a commission based testing system.

Well, I suppose it would at least provide employment for all those currently underutilised double glazing canvassers.

So here you have it..possibly the first Trip Advisor review for Covid test centres: Hawkwood Road.

Five stars for service but the bar was shut.

Roger Bentley