THE landlords of a Fordingbridge pub had an unwelcome surprise after a lorry crashed into its roof.

The damage happened just after 10am this morning (Friday, March 5) and led to the closure of Bridge Street, which has now reopened.

Caroline Roylance, who runs the pub in Bridge Street, which is currently closed due to the lockdown, said: "We woke up and a lorry had hit the pub.

"It was just after 10am.

"The other side of the road was closed by Hampshire Highways and it had to come onto our side of the road because the road was closed and then he hit us.

"It's just taken the roof, which has been damaged.

"The actual building doesn't seem to be affected but we'll need a structural engineer."

The lorry has been moved.

Bournemouth Echo:

"I was asleep but James, my husband, heard it, and our neighbours Adrian Dowding were very helpful and came straight out and rang the police and helped with the road closure," added Caroline.

Caroline said she feared the worst when she saw the damage.

She added: "I thought that's going to be expensive.

"I was confused as to why he was on the wrong side of the road but it was obviously because the other side of the road had been closed."

Bournemouth Echo:

But she also added no one had been hurt.

"We're all fine.

"When I first saw it I thought there's no way they'll be able to take it away and thought it's holding the pub up.

"It seems to just be the roof.

"Obviously we're not listed but were in a conservation area and that is an old roof so it's going to be complicated to fix it," she added.

"Bridge Street being closed is causing carnage in Fordingbridge because it's one of the main streets.

"But hopefully they will get it open soon."

More to follow.

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