AS A CAR and van driver, I thought I would comment on people's letters about cyclists and walkers.

I am self employed and am unable to work at the moment, so have taken up walking and cycling to keep fit.

Whilst walking I sometimes have to walk in the road to social distance, avoid obstructions and because the pavements are so uneven.

You would think that vehicle drivers and cyclists would be more careful around pedestrians but no, I have been beeped at, shouted at and swerved at on purpose because of it.

As for cycling along places such as Whitecliff, you take your life in your hands.

People walking their dogs, or with children or families taking up the whole path, just don't think we have the right to be there.

They obstruct on purpose and don't keep their precious things under a watchful eye.

Even when I ring my bell I get comments from pedestrians, such as you'll have to go round me, I have the right of way etc.

Then people walking with headphones on look so shocked that you have sneaked up on them.

I even get shouted at because my light is too bright.

The point I am making is everything we all do at the moment, seems to upset someone else whether it is driving, cycling, walking, or whatever you are doing.

If people just showed a little bit more patience, respect and were not so aggressive then we could all just have a much better day and life would be less stressful.

Kevin Brown