TWO charity clothes banks for the air ambulance are being removed from a community centre because of continual flytipping at the site.

In the most recent incident at Upton Community Centre "filthy household items" were dumped in bin bags and boxes.

Lynn Wright, chairman of the community centre, said: "There were DVDs, paint tins and electrical parts, which had obviously come from a house clearance.

"In no way could any of these items have been charitable donations.

"Regrettably, I have had to ask the air ambulance to remove the banks, because of the continual nuisance caused by unscrupulous flytippers."

Lynn said she was "appalled" by the continual use of the centre's car park – where the clothes banks are located – as an illegal dumping ground."

But there was something positive to come out of the flytipping, which took place at at centre in Poole Road, last week.

After posting the flytipping online, two local men – completely unconnected with the centre or the dumped goods – turned up and offered to help Lynn clear up the mess.

Lynn said: "I was so pleased these guys turned up, it showed real community spirit.

"As well as these two fine fellows, Dave and Les from Upton, Peter Hildreth, committee member, and myself have removed everything and cleaned up the mess."

On the continued flytipping and clothes bank misuse at the community centre, Lynn told the Daily Echo: "Many donations were being left at the side of the banks, and were anything but clothes, so notices and a camera have been installed.

"Regularly I have had to put bags left at the side of the banks into the actual bank.

"Why people cannot achieve this simple manoeuvre is incomprehensible to me, and via social media I have highlighted that if small bags are loaded into the banks it takes little physical effort."