A FAMILY from Poole who travelled to the New Forest for a walk were among those issued with Covid fines at the weekend.

New Forest police handed out the fine at popular beauty spot Bolton's Bench on Sunday afternoon.

A man from Christchurch who spent the day riding his motorbike around the New Forest was also fined.

A spokesman for New Forest Heart Cops said: "We wanted to thank those of you who have stuck to the latest lockdown guidelines. However some people are still breaking the rules."

The fines were issued as thousands of people headed to beauty spots and beaches over the sunny weekend.

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But members of the public have been reminded that the stay at home message still applies.

Dorset Police and BCP Council have already issued warnings and said now is no the time to be "picking and choosing where to travel to exercise based on which location you’d prefer to visit."

A Dorset Police spokeswoman told the Daily Echo: "The Government is asking people to stay at home and only leave or travel for a limited number of reasons, including exercise.

"The Government guidance states that you should not travel outside your local area for exercise. Local means stay within your village, town or part of your city or for the purpose of exercise. This is the closest location where it is safest to exercise."