DORSET could in for another cold spell in the next few days - which may include wintry showers.

Twitter account Dorset Snow has told us that forecasts are showing a chilly patch will be heading from the north of the country, hitting Dorset next week.

This could bring with it "isolated wintry showers" they added, with temperatures at night hitting lows of -5c.

They said: "I suspected we would have one final cold spell towards the end of February/beginning of March, and it looks like we will get one by the end of next week.

"High pressure will once again build to the north of the UK and this will introduce colder air from the north/north east.

"The sun is becoming stronger and days are getting longer, so despite the cold air aloft, temperatures at the surface won’t be as cold as they would be, had this been the middle of winter.

"Daytime highs between 4-6c look likely. There will be the risk of an isolated wintry shower, but with high pressure in control we should see plenty of sunshine and light winds.

"Nighttime temperatures could plummet as low as -5c, thanks to clear skies and light winds. The cold snap is expected to last between 3-5 days."