Wouldn’t you love to roller skate on the pier? Sounds like a great idea and back at the end of the 19th century that is just what happened at Bournemouth Pier. In 1898 Bournemouth Pier had a special deck constructed on it by the Corporation for roller-skating. Pictured here in 1905 skaters enjoying the live music.

It was opened by the Lord Mayor of London, Geoffrey Truscott, with the skates were supplied without charge, though they had to pay 2d. (later 3d.) to gain admission to the Pier.

This happy situation changed and by 1909 a charge of 1/- was made for the hire of skates. However, you could skate from 2.30-10pm and from 2.30-4pm a band played. Skating was so popular that you could skate on Boscombe pier too although they did not have live music.