FIFTEEN years ago, the Traffic Management Act 2004 confirmed that local governments and other highways authorities have a legal duty to manage traffic efficiently.

Last year, central government confirmed in LTN 01/20 that traffic includes people cycling and walking.

What has happened, in the roads running through BCP’s towns, is anything but efficient.

The roads are still at least 99 per cent covered in motor vehicles, which, with stopping distance and parking space needed, greedily hog the amount of road area used by at least ten bicycles.

What is needed urgently is at least nine out of every ten miles of road to be protected by filters that only allow cyclists and pedestrians through.

That would not only be efficient use of road space, but also solve the obesity crisis overnight.

As for the argument that motorists pay road tax, this barely pays for the traffic lights, let alone the actual roads.

Add to that the hospital admissions for asthma and heart attacks and work days lost because of high pollution keeping people indoors, and the amount paid by motorists to the government as car tax barely scratches the surface of the expensive damage being done.

As for the planet, we might as well have Mr Trump in charge locally for all that is being done to stop climate change and pollution.


Britannia Road, Poole