POLICE fined a motorist after he travelled from his Hampshire home for nice views and fresh air during lockdown.

Officers from North Dorset Police stopped the vehicle yesterday and discovered the car had visited both Dorset and Wiltshire.

A spokesman said: "Plenty of nice views in North Dorset and Wiltshire but if you just randomly drive here for some fresh air from Hampshire, expect to be sent home or fined just like the driver of this car."

The fine was issued on the day Dorset's Chief Constable James Vaughan urged people to stay away from the county during next week's school half term holiday.

Police chief urges people to stay away from Dorset in half term

He told the Daily Echo: "Next week we are still in lockdown. I am discouraging and asking people not to come to Dorset if you live outside the county. Please don’t come here for recreation and exercise – that is not permitted within the restrictions.

"We will be stopping people who are travelling into the county and asking them why they are coming into Dorset. If they don’t have a valid reason or excuse, they will be fined and sent home."

From January 6 to January 17, 40 per cent of the fines handed out went to people who lived outside Dorset.