VALENTINE'S lights have been strung up in the Boscombe precinct ahead of Valentine's Day.

The lights were spotted by a Boscombe resident on Wednesday, February 3.

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of lights and was keen to determine who hung them up.

She said: "I went to Boscombe in the pouring rain last week and in the precinct I could see some lights amid the wet and gloom. I thought they were Christmas lights that had been left up.

"As I got closer, I saw that they were a string of white lights with red hearts attached to them. It was so cheery and so lovely. So many people have lost loved ones and time with family this year, so this is a lovely Valentine's Day gesture.

"This has inspired me to put a rose in my window to celebrate Valentine's Day this year."

After some investigating, the Daily Echo learnt that the lights have been implemented by Bournemouth Coastal BID.

Peter Ruscoe from Bournemouth Coastal BID said: "The BID has been funding these lights for at least four years with the money received from the levy-payers.

"Usually they are put up in October with Halloween motifs, then after Halloween Christmas decorations are added.

"In the run-up to Valentine’s Day we put up hearts, meaning we get almost five months’ of lights.

"They are designed to make the centre of Boscombe more attractive and bring people in. When you enter Boscombe in the dark all you can see are the hearts nd they look very effective.

"The lights are among many improvements the Coastal BID has made to Boscombe and its other trading areas."