QUITE rightly NHS Staff, care home workers, the police/PCSOs/council workers, retail staff and many others who provide the public services we all rely on are applauded for their hard work in difficult, and yes potentially life threatening situations day in day out.

Their dedicated hard work will be remembered and honoured by many for years to come.

But can I single out that rare breed we thought had gone extinct. I refer to the ‘neighbour’.

Many across the country have rallied to help their neighbours when times have been difficult to say the least.

When I myself was very ill with coronavirus, my own neighbour Raymond Perry brought me a hot meal every single night for three weeks, even though he was still out working.

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My other neighbours Shelley and David brought me medications and drinks, their help and support got me through this difficult time.

So don’t write off the ‘neighbour’, he/she is not on the endangered species, reports of the demise of the neighbour are premature.


Argyll Road, Bournemouth