I HAVE come to the conclusion that Covid trading rules are being applied very unfairly.

For the first time since the pandemic started, I visited our local Tesco superstore – only because it is adjacent to Bournemouth hospital where I had an appointment.

I was astonished to find that despite trading during lockdown supposedly being limited to retail outlets supplying ‘essential’ items, such as food, medicines etc.,a large area of the retail giant’s superstore was given over to the display and selling of books, dvds, cds, household goods, clothing and other non-essentials.

It seems grossly unfair that small retail outlets such as bookshops have to remain closed while the big guys are making extra profits from selling goods that are bread and butter to smaller independent traders.

The supermarket giants, who are far better equipped to weather the economic devastation resulting from lockdowns, should not be permitted to sell non-essentials, other than on-line.

They should follow the example set by WH Smith – whose book departments are closed for the duration of lockdown.

But of course Tesco et al will be rubbing their hands with glee that so many smaller retailers will be driven out of business by the pandemic – thereby increasing the opportunity for them to grab an even bigger share of the retail market.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth