ANDY McDermott is just about to finish his fourth novel and has a contract to write two books a year - and all this came about before his recently-released first book was even published.

Andy, who lives in Bournemouth, says of his debut novel, The Hunt For Atlantis: "I wanted to create something that would out-Hollywood Hollywood, the ultimate Indiana Jones meets James Bond action-thriller."

He's a former editor of the film magazine Hotdog and attributes this journalistic background to his success in meeting gruelling literary demands.

"My experience as a magazine editor meant I was used to tight deadlines, so I just applied the same techniques.

"I plan everything out in advance, then write 3,000 words a day, seven days a week, until the first draft is done.

"After that I generally crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, chill out for a couple of days, then get straight back to work on the revisions."

"Writing a novel isn't easy, but persistence pays off. And if you have the time to watch TV or go to the pub or play a video game, you have the time to write. You just have to be prepared to make the trade."

The paperback of The Hunt For Atlantis is due out in May 2008 and is sure to pick up on the wake left by the new Indiana Jones IV movie released at the same time.

The cinematic feel to Andy's writing has not gone unnoticed, and there's already interest in the film rights. "One of the major Hollywood studios has asked to see it.

"Whether this will lead to a sale I don't know, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!"

Andy's debut has featured in the national press and, "the response so far has been great, which I'm absolutely thrilled about."

Not one to rest on his laurels, the novelist is hard at work penning the next instalments of his adventure novels.

"The sequel to The Hunt For Atlantis, which is called The Tomb Of Hercules, is already completed and goes on sale next May.

"I've just finished the first draft of the third book in the series, which has the working title of The Power of Excalibur, and I'm planning a fourth, The Covenant Of Genesis."

The local area has been a big influence on themes and locations within the novels.

"Part of The Power Of Excalibur is actually set in Bournemouth - there's a chase that goes through the town centre and ends up at the beach, where a certain much-hated building (I won't say which, but it rhymes with Piemax') gets blown up!

"That probably won't make me popular with the council, but I'm sure everyone else in town will be happy to see it go - even if it's only in fiction."

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