Our home-schooling heroes are getting creative and making lessons fun!

Laura scovell is enjoying arts and baking with daughter, Alana-bay, 7, of Queen’s Park infants, doing tie dye, pasta sheet monster mosaics and growing crystals.

Laura said: "I have been able to home school as a manager of a hair salon I have been furloughed . The things we have done have been chosen by me looking through art craft books and online as I believe wellbeing is very important to little ones especially in these restricted times and I have been enjoying the a quality time together."

Pippa Jackson's son Jasper, 5, of Park School, enjoyed hatching eggs in the last lockdown as a science project on life cycles, and, "fell utterly in love with them!".

They kept  the girls but the boys were ethically rehomed on a free range farm.

Pippa said: "They’ve taught us all so much about life cycles,  and I now use their fabulous eggs in my cakes. They’re called Margaret (Hatcher), Billina, Theresa (Lay) and Camilla Parker Fowls.

"The company we used for the eggs was Living Eggs (Reading and South West) who were unbelievably helpful. The program is designed for primary schools and came with lots of teachers resources about life cycles so we could recreate the KS1 science learning outcomes at home. "

Seth Keech, 5, who is in Bumblebees class in reception at Canford Heath Infants, loves writing and Zoom but misses his friends and teacher.

He lives with his mummy, daddy and little brother Dylan in Oakdale.

Grandmother Debbie said: "Seth loves school and misses his teacher, Miss Smith, and his friends, but he is doing well with his home lessons and especially loves writing. He enjoys his Zoom sessions every day and looks forward to his weekly phone call with Miss Smith, excited to tell her what he’s been up to.

"Seth says he likes school with mummy but would like to go back to proper school soon!"

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