DOES anyone remember the WW2 children's party at The Burlington Hotel, Boscombe given by the soldiers billeted in the Bournemouth area at the end of WW2?

It must have been good because I remember it to this day.

I would have been eight in 1945 and I remember how wonderful it was.

There must have been about a hundred children sitting at long trestle tables, first of all rather quiet and shy but that didn't last long as the excitement grew and then the Burlington Hotel in Sea Road rang with laughter and chatter as the soldiers went the rounds, making sure we all had plenty of jelly, ice cream and cakes.

They were so kind.

Being children we didn't really suffer during the war because our parents took the brunt, they were the ones who had all the worries.

We didn't know the taste of bananas until they came back after the war but all we really missed were the sweets being on ration.

I know that we were the fortunate ones living in this lovely part of the country and that a lot of people had a very bad time so I am thankful.

Christine Thackray